Glossary Of Terms

These are some of the glossary terms used in our website and in our work from start to finish,  including bathroom, kitchen, plumbing services, building, installation and associated works.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Black plastic pipe used for drains and vents in plumbing.

Absorption Field:

Used for septic tank effluent, a leeching or seeping filed.

Adjustable Hot Limit Stop:

Restriction of hot water outputs and controls in single control faucets and showers, it helps to protect against scalding.


A small screw that adjusts  and mixes air with the flowing water to reduce splashing.

Air Admittance Valve:

A plumbing device which replaces a traditional vent and allows air to enter the pipe and equalize pressure, preserving the seal of water in the fixture trap.

Air Gap:

Used in the drainage system, it prevents backflow contamination.

Auger (or Closet Auger):

Plumbers use this bendable rod with curved end used to remove clogs from a toilet’s trap.

Back Pressure:

A build up of pressure that resists the flow of fluid in a piping system.


This is an object used to change the direction of, or slow down the flow of air, water or gases in a system

Ball Check Valve:

This valves is a a ball which seals against a seat to stop flow in one direction.

Ball Joint:

A circular spherical unit usually used in shower heads that provides the head to pivot and rotate.


This is a valve in the tank of a gravity-operated toilet that controls the refilling of the water into the tank. It is connected to a float via a metal arm. After flushing, the toilet refills until the float rises high enough to shut off the valve.

Backflow Preventer:

This device helps to prevent wastewater and other contaminants from flowing into the potable water supply. Usually used for sprinkler systems, hand-held showers, kitchen sprayers, etc.


A plumbing fixture similar to a toilet bowl used for personal hygiene. It is floor mounted and often set near to a toilet.


This is the waste water from a toilet.


This involves opening a valve to drain excess water from a radiator.

Blow Torch:

Used by plumbers to solder and join pipes for plumbing, it is usually activated by pressurized fuel and air to generate its flame.